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Studio A


Studio A is the recommended studio for recording and mixing your latest album, single, or project. It is connected to our live room and also has a vocal booth. This room has the capability to record vocals simultaneously with a live band in our live room! What differentiates Studio A from any other recording studio is the privacy, constant updating of its equipment and plugins, and its ability to record a full live band. 


Studio B


Studio B is our medium format recording room. It is connected to the live room and is equipped to maintain all sorts of production. Numerous hit bands, such as Living Colour, have been recorded in studio b. This room is ready whenever you are and provides great energy every session! 


Live Room

Our state of the art live recording room. Capable of recording a full band, full-string orchestra, and much more! 


Private Lessons


UMPC is also a music learning center! Our facilities offer a variety of private lessons for those looking to learn, improve, or master their skills in vocals, on an instrument(s), engineering, production, songwriting, music theory and much more! Call or e-mail to find out more. 


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